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Tiny Company, DONE, Glamp

The most cunning
Done for you

Enjoy the ultimate experience in the luxurious designer Glamp, with an ash kitchen and counter made of artificial stone, ash wood paneling and designer furniture elements. Comfort that offers a full connection to utilities.


Is a minimalist and stylish wooden building. Each piece is manufactured individually by the Devoto team in their Libčice-based workshop and always receives the detailed care it deserves from this manufacturer of
high-quality Czech furniture.


Its small dimensions make it the perfect fit for the most magical and inaccessible places where the view is the best asset. The first one of its kind, placed in the pristine nature of Smržovka, is waiting to be tested.

We manufacture it locally, with attention to detail and sustainability.


Experience 12 sqm of luxury in nature.
A bedroom with a kitchen, shower and toilet. Plus magnificent views and a patio.
All in one.

Tiny Company, DONE, Glamp
Tiny Company, DONE, Glamp
Tiny Company, Done, Glamp, Bořená Hora

About us

DONE was created at the hands of architects Daniel Baudis and Daniel Rohan from the DDAANN Studio and Lukáš Otevřel, known for his Vltava floating house project called PORT X. They then found Petr Porta, the owner of the furniture company Devoto. This is their response to the phenomenon of tiny housing which provides homeowners with unconventional and very comfortable accommodation.

Tiny Company, Glamp, Bořená Hora
Tiny Company, Done, Offgrid, Beldov


Your house without applying for a building permit. This usually applies to construction in developed/developable areas zoned for residential or recreational use.

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