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Generous glazing with a fully closable roller screen, sleeping upstairs for 4 people and an extra capacity bed on the ground floor of the house, move this option into the category of family glamping.

Starting at:

104.000 EUR

VAT, assembly and transport is not included

Total Size:

25 m2


6.4 m


3.9 m


5 m


8 m2


2 – 4 people

Half of a house.
But double adventures.


A similar concept of going upstairs with the help of a ladder that we used in Ahouse and the storage spaces in the upper floor, which is only a roofed covered floor, make the Ahalf house a more generous space. The concurrence of the bathroom and kitchen is practical for running water and using a heat exchanger shared by both parts of the bathroom and kitchen, an evolution in an all in one solution. For off-grid use, the orientation of the view and the slope of the roof appear to be more practical, both of which can be directed south and draw all-day sunshine.

Purchasing process

When you send an inquiry, please let us know in which location you would like to place it, and what the site looks like. Our team of experts will then give you calculations and expected delivery dates.

Tiny Company / ahalf

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