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Tiny Company / Done

Tiny House Done is the reason why we love Glamping. Its minimalistic design fits in every environment and can be either connected to utility or be completly offgrid.

Starting at:

29.000 EUR

VAT, assembly and transport is not included

Total Size:

12 m2


2.1 m


5.4 m


2.31 m


3000 kg


5 m2


2 people

Purchasing process

If you have a location where Tiny House Done can be placed, our team will come and install everything within 2 days. The small dimensions and layout make it the perfect fit for the most magical places where the view is everything. Only certain types of structures can be placed at such locations, and the size and foundation of our solution make Done one of them.

Core or Glamp

Are you planing to accommodate guests? Then GLAMP is what you are looking for. Or will Done be used for basic needs.

That's Core.

Offgrid or connect

Choose if you would like to place your Done where you have utility connections such as water, electricity and sewerage or if you like to use our complete

Offgrid model.  

Financing options

We can provide you with an installment plan. We will be happy to send you a more detailed offer together with the configuration.

Rome was not built in
a day. But our Done yes.

Precise technical details and joining of parts, foundations built by experienced technicians who will be happy to help you get started with top-notch preparation and assembly of complex elements such as windows and technology. 

Tiny Company, Done, configuration

Done is fixed on piles, which are connected to the ground. This is one of the advantages, why Done can be placed even in difficult places. The weight of the entire house is better distributed, and the columns protect the building from moisture. Massive CLT panels are a guarantee for sufficient insulation, durability, precise assembly and anchoring.

Reviews from our clients


Our minimalist house is set in the heart of a picturesque landscape. The Sázava River flows not far behind the forest, and on the meadow surrounded by trees, you get a perfectly balanced mix of privacy and a view of the surrounding nature. The house also respects the trends of sustainable accommodation and does not burden nature, if you help us save water and energy during your stay.
- Jan & Lenka, Owners
Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 10.42.37.png

Designed by DDAANN

The studio grew out of friendship and cooperation at the university and while working in other studios, until in 2015 it was formed into the DDAANN brand. The name logically refers to the blending of our first names as an informal analogy of the popular combination of surnames. In our opinion, the key to the correct design is the art of optimally balanced all variables, whether it is the complexity of layouts, selected materials or the detail of processing. In our projects, we emphasize the ideal price-quality ratio. The best contract is a project that we can enjoy together with the client and bring it to the successful end.





Frequently Asked Questions

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