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Tiny Company / Tiny Liny

Tiny Liny is a 24 m2 glass modular house with unlimited views of the countryside. The dressing room, bathroom and bedroom with bar and kitchen are shaded by blinds, curtains or electromagnetic foil for enough privacy.

Starting at:

130.000 EUR

VAT, assembly and transport is not included

Total Size:

24 m2


2.7 m


4.2 m


6.3 m


5 m


35 m2


4 people

Purchasing process

If you have a location where tiny liny can be placed, our team will come and install everything within 4 days. Thanks to the ground screws, which have proven themselves even in very difficult mountain terrain, there is no problem with the location of the building in principle anywhere. The screws are not only easier and faster during installation, but also within the legalization of the building as a temporary or little invasive intervention in the landscape.

Inside is outside,
countryside is on your side


  • Full 360 line of sight with instant automatic shading.

  • Walkable roof with extra space for outdoor/indoor sleeping for 2.

  • Luxury stainless steel kitchenette and bar.

  • Independent heating system connected with solar panels.

  • Textile detachable roof tent.

  • Textile courtain with automatic closing mechanism.

  • 3 big openable windows.

TinyCo / Tiny Liny

Designed by Lina Bellevičová

Space for your personality

Lina Bellovicova has been specializing in custom architectural designs since 2015.

My goal is to enhance the way in which people interact with the spaces they spend most of their time in. 

Every project is original tailored to the client with respect for the place and the goal of enhancing the use of the surroundings.

I design public buildings and spaces that lift the spirit and complement the surroundings of the building.


Lina Bellovičová

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