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Tiny Company / Done, Podhájí

Build a house. Plant a tree. Begin your tiny Business.

Let's start together

We are able to help you to develop a unique project with tips and tricks. Though there are a few must-haves before we can break the ice:

A location

No matter if you are in the middle of the woods, at a coast or at a lake, thanks to the pillars, which hold Tiny House Done and â house, we can place your tiny house anywhere

Building permit

Better safe and sorry. Make sure that you can place your tiny house at a location where it is legal. We can assist you by sending you all materials which will help to bypass legislative procedures. 

Energy and sewage

If you have connections to energy, water, and sewage, it is a big plus. But no stress if you don't! We offer OFFGRID models, which you can place anywhere.

Reasons to investment

  • Our houses are small and built on pillars. Therefore, a building permit can be easier to obtain.

  • We provide OFFGRID solutions. Which means, you can place it almost anywhere. Plus, it's very environmentally friendly.

  • Made in the EU. All of our houses are fully built in the Czech Republic.

  • Easy setup. We will either come to and set up your tiny house. You can even do it yourself. It's not hard.

  • High Return on Investment due to the initial investment. The nicer you decorate it, the higher your rate can be.

  • We guarantee high quality materials and design to assure you, that your Tiny House will keep you company for a long time.

  • We offer software solutions to help you get started with your business.

  • Our houses can be used all year long. Check out our clients

  • We provide flexible financial plans for your comfort.

  • Upgrade your Tiny House with our Tiny Sauna or Tiny furniture!

Tiny Company / Done, Beldov
Tiny Company / Done, Bořená Hora

Online tools to get your business started

When you purchase your firsTiny House, you automatically receive online tools, which will help you with:


  • A great online Presentation


  • Receiving inquires

  • Manage bookings

Tiny Company / reservation


Our minimalist house is set in the heart of a picturesque landscape. The Sázava River flows not far behind the forest, and on the meadow surrounded by trees, you get a perfectly balanced mix of privacy and a view of the surrounding nature. The house also respects the trends of sustainable accommodation and does not burden nature, if you help us save water and energy during your stay.
- Jan & Lenka, Owners
Tiny Company / âhouse

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