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Tiny Company, A-House

Grown up but small enough to fit almost anywhere.

24 + 12 m of airy interior with panoramic bedroom, instant liquid crystal shading, luxury shower and toilet. Made from durable materials. Variability of use – for your rest, relaxation, work, family vacation, personal and commercial use.


A perfect house
A House

A   smart shading system
A   huge comfy air bed up to 4 persons
A   sophisticated water cleaning system
     by Philips
A   modernist contemporary art objects
     and decorations
A   superfast installation on site
     (within 2 days)
A   low consumption heating design
     carpet and cleaning zone
A   massive construction from sustainable
     wood by Stora Enso

Simple shape

Great and durable materials, variability of use. For your rest, relaxation, work, family vacation, personal and commercial use.

Tiny Company, A-House
Tiny Company, A-House
Tiny Company, A-House

Designed by
studio Perspektiv

Since Simple shape, great and durable materials, variability of use. For your rest, relaxation, work, family vacation, personal and commercial use. We tuned everything after the experience with the use of our first Tiny House and after 3 years from the start we are bringing to the market a product that enables greater comfort, capacity and use, for example in locations with the obligation to use a saddle roof.
Generous glazing guarantees a perfect fusion with nature, tempered and reflective glass ensures safety for you and the animals, robust glued spruce CLT panels stabilize the construction and the larch facade completes the great aesthetics and insulation against moisture. Advanced technologies for

electricity generation and water treatment bring freedom of use on non-networked land and provide true independence for the rest of your life and the building itself. 

Thanks to the ground screws, which have proven themselves even in very difficult mountain terrain, there is no problem with the location of the building in principle anywhere. The screws are not only easier and faster during installation, but also within the legalization of the building as a temporary or little invasive intervention in the landscape. You will find a space for entry in the side of the appendix to the building, possible connection with other units, technology, safe storage, but also


a functional sweat room and other site-specific use. Additional external storage space allows you to store everything you do not want to pull inside (skis, bike, etc.), but you want to leave it under lock and key. The houses can be equipped with clever furnishings, which we produce in collaboration with the companies Devoto and Bocca. The Tiny Furniture collection is suitable for all realizations with limited space. Magical heating carpet creates comfort by tempering and heating with very low energy consumption suitable for our off grid systems.

Tiny Company, A-House

Studio Perspektiv

Since its founding in 2015, Studio Perspektiv has been creating innovative solutions for office, residential and community projects, with over 35 architects working in offices in Prague and Bratislava. The designs are primarily based on an understanding of needs and professionally managed management. In each design, they strive to achieve a symbiosis between the client‘s vision, respect for architecture and design. Their approach combines timeless design, premium quality, sustainable materials, and smart technology. Perspektiv is award winning studio with awards such as German Design Award, Frame Award, or Interior Design Award.

Special edition of A-House at Milan
Design week 2022

We approached designer Jiří Krejčiřík and artist Taja Spassková to incorporate their work into the interior of A-House. This created an absolutely exceptional space with a monumental lamp and a wall sculpture by Jiří, Taja`s pyrographic drawing and a cabinet from their common limited edition of collectable furniture named Nouveau.

Tiny Company, A-House
Tiny Company, A-House
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